When Rehydrating with Water Is Not Enough

December 09, 2014


Got any questions about Raiseys products? 

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Q. Are Raiseys Original products NZ MADE?

A. Yes, we make our own products to our own recipe in our own custom built facility here in Napier. We always manufacture in smaller batches to make sure you are getting a fresh product that hasn't been sitting on a boat or in a warehouse for months.

Q. Are Raiseys Original products BANNED SUBSTANCE FREE? 

A. Yes, all our products are suitable for any athlete at any level. After all it's our name on the bag. We take that seriously.

Q. Do you deliver overnight?

A. We try our very best to get every order out the day it comes in and we use an overnight service so if everything goes to plan, you should see your order the very next day. (rural deliveries may take a day or two longer though.)

Q. Can I buy larger bags of Raiseys Original products than listed on your website?  

A. Yes, we can do any of our products in larger bags up to 20kg. Email us for a price if it's not on the website already.

Q. Whats so special about your HONEY & GINGER product? 

A. There is nothing in the supplement world like these super-food rich products. We use NZ honey from and mix it with Fonterra Whey Protein. By adding Cinnamon and Ginger we achieve a unique Protein Supplement with the following benefits:

    a) help extend your anabolic muscle recovery window by keeping blood sugar levels more stable (honey + cinnamon) 

    b) provide a supplement with antioxidant and muscle/joint soothing anti-inflammatory benefits (cinnamon + ginger)

    c) boost your metabolic rate and increase your bodies thermogenic (fat burning) process. (ginger + cinnamon)

Q. Does Raiseys Original HYDRATE-X really work?

A. Cramp effects different people in different ways. We get so much good feedback from our customers on this product. We estimate that HYDRATE-X works for at least 90% of our customers.

Q. What are Raiseys Originals best selling products?

A. HYDRATE, HYDRATE-X and HONEY & GINGER are our most popular products.

Q. How do you develop your products?

A. We take responsibility for our own product development. We research, formulate and test new products with the help of a mix of local elite athletes and food industry experts as well as our everyday customers. If you come into our shop here in Onekawa, you may well be asked to give your opinion on something we have bubbling away. (and our customers know we ALWAYS have something bubbling away!)

When Rehydrating with Water Is Not Enough

In the midst of a strenuous exercise session, it is natural to grab the nearest bottle of water when thirsty. While this might help you feel rehydrated, it actually won’t give your body what it needs to recover after being physically tested. Whether you are training for a marathon or about to enter a professional tournament, be aware of your body’s physical requirements and hydrate yourself in the proper manner.

A Lengthy Exercise Session

The truth is that water will only give your body what it needs within the first hour of exercise. If your training session, competition or tournament lasts longer than that, your body will lose more fluids and essential nutrients than drinking plain water can replace.

If you exert yourself for longer than 60 minutes, you will need some other form of beverage to properly replenish what your body has lost. High energy electrolyte sports drinks are the best choice here as they will boost your physical performance while providing you with substances like sodium and potassium that aid hydration.

The Science of Salt

You might know sodium from another common substance: table salt. While it might seem counterintuitive that salts can help with hydration, this is backed up by scientific research which says that salt helps athletes rehydrate faster. This is the main reason why water isn’t as effective with hydration especially after a lengthy exercise session longer than 60 minutes. On the other hand, a sports drink loaded with electrolytes will help by:

  • Making you want to drink more. Your brain has a small section called the hypothalamus which checks your blood electrolyte levels and makes you thirsty if they are too low. Plain water overrides this reaction and can stop you drinking before you’re fully hydrated.
  • Encouraging your body to retain fluid. Drinking normal water means your bodies will want to urinate soon afterwards which increases fluid loss. By adding salt to the beverage, your kidneys will retain liquid for longer which then assists with rehydration.

If you are about to commence a rigorous training routine or enter into a long distance running or bicycle race, remember that water will be ineffective after 60 minutes. To fully prepare for this strenuous exercise, pack some high energy sports drinks containing useful electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium and potassium. You will feel much more hydrated and ready to perform your personal best on the big day.

Kane Raisey
Kane Raisey


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