Raiseys 100% Pure L-Glutamine - Strength, Recovery &
Immune Support
Net weight: 350g
Serving size: 5g
Serves: 70
Recover, repair and build muscle mass
Enhanced endurance training
Nitrogen transport
Reduces muscle cramps caused through repetitive
Add one serve (5g) to a cold drink or your protein
shake. Use up to three serves daily. Initially, it’s a good
idea to use a half serve, once a day for five days,
until your body becomes accustomed to additional
L-Glutamine. Use together with Raiseys Creapure®
Creatine for maximum muscle building results. Try
adding one serve to Raiseys Detonate for the ultimate
Anyone exercising to increase strength, speed
and muscle mass will notice faster recovery and
reduced muscle soreness when using Raiseys pure
L-Glutamine. This vital amino acid is an important
building block in forming the proteins that repair
damaged muscles making L-Glutamine essential for
muscle growth.
When musculature is under pressure from intense
training or stress, the body can’t manufacture enough
L-Glutamine to address immediate requirements. As
a result, the L-Glutamine stores you need for muscle
growth are depleted dramatically, meaning strength,
stamina, and the body’s ability to recover efficiently
and effectively is severely impaired. Here, L-Glutamine
is extremely effective. It helps replace glycogen which
restores energy, as well as assisting the growth and
repair of muscle tissue. L-Glutamine also works as a
nitrogen shuttle, picking up and dropping off nitrogen
around your body; the positive nitrogen balance critical
for muscle building is maintained.
The benefits of L-Glutamine are well-suited for
endurance sports such as running and cycling, and
can help reduce the incidence of cramps caused
through repetitive strain.

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