HYDRATE-PRO performance food in a bottle for on-the-go


Raisey’s Originals new HYDRATE-PRO is aimed squarely at our friend the endurance athlete. It’s designed to be a quick, easy and high quality race and training nutrition alternative.


The less time and energy you spend feeding, the better. By using HYDRATE-PRO you are able to down your food faster, and more importantly, digest it quicker with minimum energy expenditure. No unwrapping, biting or chewing and no rubbish to carry (and dispose of thoughtfully after the race).


HYDRATE-PRO provides an athlete with 4 key elements of their nutrition program.

• Carbohydrates: uses maltodextrin, a good energy source for endurance athletes and provides rapid transportation of nutrients into your system.
• Protein: an endurance athletes own muscle is “eaten up” during a long race or training. HYDRATE-PRO contains just the right amount to counter this catabolic process and supply extra energy.
• Electrolytes: HYDRATE-PRO provides sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium at higher levels than some electrolyte sports drinks.
• Water: Prevents dehydration, helps faster digestion and replaces fluids lost through perspiration.


HYDRATE-PRO can be added to your nurtitional race plan a number of ways:

• mixed with 500ml water in your bottle as a pre race snack
• adding 1 scoop to your sports drink (flavour compliments HYDRATE)
• freezing a bottle of HYDRATE-PRO the night before your race
• used during your race as a meal either as liquid or paste (see usage rate*)
• taken immediately after your race/training as a recovery drink

Use HYDRATE-PRO as and when you would normally take your race food then every hour after that. (after approx 60-90min as a guide)
USAGE RATE* 1 scoop = 15g
• up to 55kg: 3 scoops per hour
• up to 70kg: 4 scoops per hour
• up to 85kg: 5 scoops per hour
• over 85kg: 6 scoops per hour
For a liquid consistancy, drop desired scoops into your drink bottle and fill with water. For a paste/gel consistancy, drop scoops into a small flask, start with as little water as possible, mix and add water to suit.

Do not mix HYDRATE-PRO more than 12 hours before use unless freezing it.

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