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Raisey's Original are here to help support YOUR active lifestyle. We promise to supply you high quality, safe and trustworthy sports & lifestyle nutrition and save you from the hype that often goes with it. Keeping it Kiwi... keeping it real.

  • This is a local brand supplement shop. Everything in here is safe.
  • Our sports and lifestyle supplements are hand-made with love and care, in small batches, fresh and direct from our very own blending room
  • Boutique manufacturing not mass production.
  • NZ grown whey protein not corn fed imported protein.
  • Real food ingredients not paragraphs of things you've never heard of.

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      cycle / tri

      hydration, gels & recovery


      muscle / gym

      whey protein & amino


      your LIFESTYLE

      meal shake, protein soup, chocolate & hangover help


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      regan gough, emma twigg, steph mckenzie & more



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